About Us

İstanbul1881 presents images of Istanbul and Turkey past, present and the future as it unfolds. Currently it represents classic miniaturist Taner Alakuş and English artist Ned Pamphilon.

Istanbul is the city that sits where East meets West; that was once the centre of the Christian Byzantine Empire, then the Muslim Ottoman Empire and as of 1935 a museum as bequeathed by Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. 1881 is the birth year of Atatürk and, therefore, a reference to the founding of the modern day Turkish nation state.

The business of Istanbul1881 is art. Why is art so important? We live in a world of original creators and those who merely replicate the original thoughts and products of others. As Atatürk astutely said, “A nation, when deprived of art and artists, cannot have a complete life.”

Hence, our reference to 1881 is not only to the our founding father, but acknowledges his awareness and appreciation of art.